[Serusers] sms module/ gsm_auth

harry gaillac gaillacharry at yahoo.fr
Mon Aug 8 11:14:24 CEST 2005

Thanks for reply,

May be you read my post I sent yesterday "Re: Tr: Re:
[Serusers] hardphones MOH".

I asked to maxim sobolev MOH support with rtpproxy and
nathelper module.

However he has never sent me back a reply !
Does he contribute to ser project or openser project

Anyway He can reply to posts .


Yes, it will. I have this functionality in my private
repo, bit 
unfortunately due to lack of free time I have not
merged support for 
this feature into the public version of nathelper yet.
We have some 
heavy changes that aren't applicable for the public
version, which has 
to be filtered out.

I am planning to do it sooner or later, maybe if you
are really 
interested and can allocate some small amount of money
to this project 
can subcontract some of my friends/colleagues to do it
for me.


harry gaillac wrote:
> Hello,
> Does nathelper module + rtpproxy will be able to ac
> a 3cpp to provide MOH
> caller--------ser---------callee 
>            nathelper
>             rtpproxy
> Regards
> Harry


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