[Serusers] delay in dialing or registration

Chia Huey Lim chiahuey at genme.com
Mon Aug 8 09:15:08 CEST 2005

Hi list,


I face a serious problem where sip packets are not processed immediately, as
in when I dial a number, it takes a while to ring to the other party, on the
system log, I can see the packets coming in a lot later than it should.
However sometimes it is immediate, but it's not been consistent.
Registration also same thing, sometimes fast, sometimes have to wait for
long time. 


I am running postgres db, sip registration and sip proxy in the same server.
It's has single XEON proc, 2 GB RAM, with 2MBps burstable to 10MBps to the

In my ser.cfg file, I m using db mode 2 for usrloc, with children not set,
which should be 8 children if according to serctl ps status

I currently have around 600 registered user only, with expiry values of
1200s or 3600s.


Do I need to readjust the priority for the ser processes? Will that help?

Any other area I should look into? Thanks in advance for your advice.. 




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