[Serusers] Logs in mysql

Iqbal iqbal at gigo.co.uk
Fri Aug 5 18:43:17 CEST 2005


Just to get this straight, you want to add logging to Mysql, if yes, 
have to edited the Makefile, in the /modules/acc/ directory, by default 
it allows logging with Radius, you need to comment out that line, and 
uncomment the mysql line.

If this is done, then if you follow the docs in onsip.org, you will get 
logging into mysql.

Also post a copy of ur ser.cfg file, so that we can take a look


Hernando Maisano wrote:

> Thank you very much, it lowers east file to me: 
> http://www.onsip.org/modules/mydownloads/singlefile.php?cid=7&lid=26 
> and raises the "SER" but it gives errors me, and I had q to remove a 
> pair from line. But what I want is to add log to base MYSQL.... and 
> there is no case. I am using RED HAT 7,3 with SER 0.8.12
> Nando
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>> goto www.onsip.org, there is a gettng started guide with mysql and 
>> all, it will be of use
>> Iqbal
>> Hernando Maisano wrote:
>>> Hello, they recien I am beginning in the "SER" and the truth I am 
>>> lost. What I need to do now is to leave a registry of the calls, but 
>>> in MYSQL? Somebody can help me..... Thanks
>>> PS: pardon my pesimo Ingles but I am of Latinoamerica
>>>  Nando
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