[Serusers] No stop record for pstn calls

Anders Hansson anders.hansson at borderlight.net
Thu Aug 4 10:12:34 CEST 2005

Hi all,
I have a problem accounting transactions to the PSTN network.
I do only get the Stop record - no Start record... Anyone knows what 
could be the reason?
I´m using radiusserver for the accounting records.

This is part of my ser.cfg file. In the log the messages INVITE 
accounted and BYE or CANCEL accounted can be seen, but nothing in the 
radius file, except for the stop record.
To make it worse, not all of the stop records can be seen in radius - it 
looks like only some destinations creates stop records - other dont. The 
only thing about that is that when it´s a voicemachine in the other end, 
the stop record is not occuring...

# Flag for accounting
        if (method=="INVITE")
                log("INVITE accounted");

        if (method=="BYE" || method=="CANCEL")
                log("BYE or CANCEL accounted");


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