[Serusers] is SER Dependable for prepaid System ? Anyone using itfor prepaid system?

Iqbal iqbal at gigo.co.uk
Wed Aug 3 13:05:00 CEST 2005

Jim have a look at the lcr module, see the sql queryt it fires to 
correctly route the call to the correct gateway using prefixes, that 
will enable yuou to do your billing using prefixes, that is what I do


Sam Lee wrote:

>Your prepaid system concept is a little different from mine. For mine,
>the SER is just a middleman. I route all my calls to Cisco CallManager
>which will then route accordingly. So I just get all my accounting info
>from the Callmanager CDR. I then run ASP scripts to check the users
>balances and if it ever finds a low-in-credit user, it will go into the
>mysql db by odbc and insert the user into a grp (acl is preconfigured to
>block this grp from accessing the PSTN).
>For your case, probably the only thing u can do is to match 2 things,
>the dest. Country code and the different local charges for each country.
>Do comment about my set up.
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>Sure Sam, I am currently developing a script which will check the credit
>balance of the user from mysql and accordingly rewrite the uri.
>If the balance is low... it will forward to SEMS announcement.
>Like that when SER receives a BYE, the Script should check the
>destination and total mins and calculate the amount and reduce it from
>the user credits.
>Currently the difficult part is the destination country code. I have
>stored all the codes in the mysql prefix table. But each country have
>sub codes for states. For example UK proper is only .02 cents, but
>mobile is .40 cents We have to differentiate the code properly.
>If you have any other suggestions kindly let me know.
>On 8/3/05, Sam Lee <sam.lee at super.net.sg> wrote:
>>I have been working for quite some time on deploying SER as a prepaid 
>>system. Currently it is not done yet as there's still quite a number 
>>of things to be done.
>>Probably we can share a few ideas down the road.
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>>Subject: [Serusers] is SER Dependable for prepaid System ? Anyone 
>>using itfor prepaid system?
>>is SER Dependable for prepaid System ? Anyone using it for prepaid 
>>I very much like the SER performance in the test environment. Only 
>>drawback(maybe advantage if we provide unlimited plan) ) is stateless 
>>But I want to know anyone using it in realtime prepaid business?
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