[Serusers] How to catch re-invite and signal rtpproxy ??

jimmy jimmy_huang at uni.com.tw
Wed Aug 3 06:04:44 CEST 2005

Hi all:

    I am using ser 0.8.14 with rtpproxy and kphone,


    When kphone holds the call, then unholds later,

sometimes kphone will change the rtp port in SDP differ from previously

Therefore, the rtp packet can't be forward correctly via rtpproxy if ser
doesn't signal rtpproxy to change the forwarding port mapping


    I have asked before about this problem, and Zeus Ng have give me some

that the key factor is to catch the re-invite, but i don't know how to
verify if a INVITE is really a INVITE or r reINVITE...


    Is there any method can let ser catch or verify the re-invite message in
ser.cfg ?  



Thanks and regards



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