[Serusers] Replication problem

Andreas Granig andreas.granig at inode.info
Mon Aug 1 12:56:15 CEST 2005

Klaus Darilion wrote:
>> The basic idea is to use one SER pair (let's say sip1.foo.bar) as some 
>> kind of session border controller secured with some failover protocol 
>> (carp/vrrp/...) which does the NAT ping and SIP balancing stuff. When 
>> this border proxy reaches it's max. capacity, you can just add another 
>> pair (sip2.foo.bar) and propagate it to new customers.
> This means, you also have to store the contacts of the registered 
> clients in these proxies.

Right, and this is also a reason why I want to go for a single location 
table inside a DB cluster instead of using the cache. But I'll have to 
lookup the discussion with Jan about the new cache pointed out by Greger 

> As you have routing proxies and outbound proxies, have you thought about 
> how to route the SIP messages from the routing proxies via the 
> corresponding outbound proxy? Using the Path: header, or rewriting the 
> contact in the REGISTER messages in the outboundproxy before forwarding 
> it to the routing proxy, or any other method?

I currently favour the Path header over rewriting the Contact, because 
that's what the Path header is designed for, isn't it? (haven't fully 
read the RFC yet).


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