[Users] Combining AVPs

Martin Kjeldsen martin.kjeldsen at cuatro.dk
Wed Aug 31 14:03:04 CEST 2005


Thanks for the quick reply.

Well I'm using the OpenSER 0.9.5, will I still be able to use the printf 
function, or is it limited to the 0.10.x version?


Bogdan-Andrei Iancu wrote:

> Hi Martin,
> you should consider using avp_printf() - you may print in an AVP any 
> kind of combination between pseudo-variables and fix strings. See:
>    http://www.openser.org/docs/modules/0.10.x/avpops.html#AEN387
> regards,
> bogdan
> Martin Kjeldsen wrote:
>> Hi
>> Can anyone offer some helps on how to combine multiple AVPs.
>> What I would like to do is to create an uri (eg. sip:bob at biloxi.com), 
>> where the "bob" part have been taken from e.g. the username column in 
>> the alias table and the rest either prefixed/appended from some 
>> static data or grabbed from another tuple!
>> Can anyone offer some insight as to how this may best be accomplished.

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