[Users] help with uac_redirect

Kevin M. Murphy kevin at coretel.net
Fri Aug 26 18:51:07 CEST 2005

Greeting all,
  I am currently working at migrating a Vovida deployment to OpenSer, 
and need to keep
some of the Vovida architecture. I have been messing with the 
uac_redirect module and
have found it to be almost exactly what i am looking for with one 
exception. I would like to
fork calls serially based on contacts in a 302, however i have only been 
able to do this in parallel.
Is there a way to make this happen. Here is some example config stuff, 
Thanks in advance to all.

#test redirect config (to service two vovida Proxyies) :
# the idea here is that the two ip addresses will query the redirect 
server first and then route apropriately
#   the first host here is invalid, while the second should work,

if (method=="INVITE") {

                  if(src_ip=="xxx.xxx.xxx.15") {



                      append_branch("sip:4439121133 at xxx.xxx.xxx.20:5060");

                      sl_send_reply("302", "Moved Temporarily");


                  if(src_ip=="xxx.xxx.xxx..20") {



        append_branch("sip:238014105716405 at xxx.xxx.xxx.20:5060");

                      sl_send_reply("302", "Moved Temporarily");


#currently the Proxies have  a failed route statment like this:

failure_route[1] {






The behavior I would like to see is that the first contact is tried, 
and, after failure, the second contact is tried.

Thanks again,

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