[Users] trusting src_ips using AVP

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu bogdan at voice-system.ro
Mon Aug 22 13:03:28 CEST 2005

Hi Jayesh,

see my inline comments.


jayesh nambiar wrote:

>hi all,
>I went through the avp docs in voicesystem.ro and i
>thought the source_ip trusting in multi domain
>environment would be useful to me. I used permissions
>to do this before, but i think multidomain support is
>not possible in permissions module.
have you tried to use the "from" field in trusted table? for 
multi-domain purposes....

>But I jus wanted to 
>know that on updating the table how does openser get
>updated without restarting the server. Is there a FIFO
>command or something. pls let me kno cause I did not
>understand the example mentioned in the docs properly.
depends on the module: first, depends if the module does caching of the 
DB info or not; second, depends if the module implements a "reload" FIFO 
command or not.
permissions: may do caching and implements a FIFO cmd for reloading the 
trusted table;
avpops: no DB caching, so no need of "reload" - it just read from DB 
each time.

>One more thing, Does Openser 0.9.5 support use_domain
>parameter mentioned in the docs. 
"use_domain" is a per-module parameter, not a global one. See the docs 
of the interested module to see if this parameter make sense for the 
module and if it does, see if it is present.

maybe a description of your scenario will help in guiding you better.....

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