[Users] Re: Re: MediaProxy & PSTN GW

Ozan Blotter cosmocid at ispro.net.tr
Sat Aug 20 22:48:30 CEST 2005

Dear Iqbal and Bogdan,

That is exactly what i need to improve QoS, because the UAs ADSL
connection is not fast enough, 512/128k in general, OpenSER and UA's are
located in same city but PSTN GW is nearly 600 km (350 miles nearly) away
from this point. I thought since OpenSER is on a good connection (1Mbit
Fiber) and can relay to PSTN faster then UA's themselves.


Also in terms of ping times how far is the PSTN gateway, as Bogdan said,
media proxy will add even more delay, as for sending pstn via
mediaproxy, you could do all yourprocessing, and once ser detects that
call must goto PSTN, then do all the NAT checking ...this is a
oversimplified view...


Bogdan-Andrei Iancu wrote:

> Hi Ozan,
> so, if I get it right, you have a PSTN gw locate far away from the
> UAs...and instead of letting the media traffic to do directly between
> GW and UAs, you want to insert in the middle a RTP relay (mediaproxy)
> in order to improve the QoS, right?
> If so, I would say this will not help you -  having a media relay on
> your media path leads to QoS degradation due additional delays....
> If you still want to go for it....I will take a look on tour script.
> regards,
> bogdan
> Ozan Blotter wrote:
>> Dear List,
>> At below config. i setted up OpenSER on Public IP and PSTN Gateway is
>> again on another Public IP. I use Zyxel Prestige Series 660-HW ADSL
>> modems on both client side and note that they have SIP ALG, also i've
>> completed port forwarding in each modem, so SIP2SIP call happens
>> (voice traffic goes from UA to UA) without need of anything extra as
>> STUN or RTP RELAY. But since those are very away from each other if a
>> UA needs to call PSTN the voice traffic flows from UA to PSTN and
>> that lowers QoS :(
>> I would like to activate MediaProxy again but just for one case which
>> is PSTN, so whenever a UA needs to call PSTN the voice traffic flows
>> like :
>> UA (ATA) >>> OpenSER + MediaProxy >>> PSTN
>> How can i setup this like above without touching SIP2SIP calls
>> between UA's...
>> or adding the lines beginning with # these to my existing config is
>> enough ?
>> Thanks,
>> Ozan Blotter
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