[Users] Rating Engine ?

Daniel-Constantin Mierla daniel at voice-system.ro
Tue Aug 16 14:52:39 CEST 2005


On 08/16/05 14:16, Ozan Blotter wrote:

> Dear Iqbal,
> I would like to create a table where rate engine keeps rate_ids and 
> depending to it it's own prefix, location name, initial time, initial 
> cost, increment time, increment cost values. What i want is when i 
> create a user from account creation, give him/her a rate_id which is 
> defined before in tariff plan, and SER writes rate_id together with 
> each call...
> For example into this table, together with every logged calls. I'm not 
> sure it's logical or can be done, what do you think ?

Maybe is better to get the rate_id for user when you do the rating 
inside the rating engine.

Anyhow, you can store the rate_id in acc by loading it in an avp (via 
auth_db module 
http://openser.org/docs/modules/0.9.x/auth_db.html#AEN136  or avpops 
module http://openser.org/docs/modules/0.9.x/avpops.html#AEN179) and 
setting extra accounting parameter to acc 


> Or how can else i can ? The main problem is when you query from MySql, 
> i'm sure that it will give time out errors for querying many and many 
> calls to compare from rate tables...
> sip_fromsip_tosip_statussip_methodi_urio_urifrom_urito_urisip_callidusernamedomainfromtagtotagtimetimestampsrcdst 
> ? 
> ?<sip:8334843600 at 212.XXX.104.XXX;user=phone>;tag=xI...<sip:02324843600 at 212.XXX.104.XXX>;tag=ff7212001e7d...200INVITEsip:02324843600 at 212.XXX.104.XXXsip:02324843600 at 212.XXX.59.XXXsip:8334843600 at 212.XXX.104.XXX;user=phonesip:02324843600 at 212.XXX.104.XXX895D1B912531212@,Ozan<<< 
> ORIGINAL BODY >>>Message: 2Date: Mon, 15 Aug 2005 13:08:07 +0100From: 
> Iqbal <iqbal at gigo.co.uk>Subject: Re: [Users] Rating Engine ?To: Ozan 
> Blotter <cosmocid at ispro.net.tr>Cc: users at openser.orgMessage-ID: 
> <430085A7.6090404 at gigo.co.uk>Content-Type: text/plain; 
> charset=ISO-8859-9; format=flowedAre you trying to rate in realtime, 
> or use the rating engine after thecall has been done, i.e when you do 
> a bill runIqbalOzan Blotter wrote:> Dear List,>> As some of you know, 
> there would be an open-source-billing for> OpenSER, i can see call 
> duration,add remove edit users etc features> but missing thing is 
> rating. Since there may be more then one rating> table it's very hard 
> for MySql to query whole database and gives time> out errors. I can 
> manage PHP to create/delete/edit a new database with> prefix,location 
> name,initial time,initial cost,increment> time,increment cost and rate 
> id. Now there's a problem, think that> there're 2 different rate table 
> for different customers, a rate id is> what i would like to write to 
> acc table in each call. May be i should> force ACC module to add 
> rate_id together with other information like> from_uri, to_sip, 
> timestamp etc. etc. How can i manage this, is there> any clue or 
> information ?>> Thanks,> Ozan 
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