[Users] SER in production environment

Vincent Luba vincent.luba at multitel.be
Fri Aug 12 11:59:45 CEST 2005


We would like to use SER in a production environment and provide

presence support to at least 5000 *online* users through a publicly

available service.

We are particularly worried about scalability.

* How stable is the presence module?

* Does it support RFC3857 to allow authorization management of


* For such a big number of users, do we need several computers running


* If so, how can we ensure that all SER servers have the required

information to be able to send status changes to all users? Is that

stored in a MySQL DB and if so, how is it determined which SER server

sends the NOTIFY on state changes to all users having the user whose

state changed in their list?

* Are there bandwidth estimations? I have the feeling that 5000 online

users will generate many NOTIFY messages due to presence changes. 

* Is it possible to prevent MESSAGE requests to be sent following some

piece of information found in the database? We would like to connect SER

to a SMS service, and prevent users to send SMS'es when their credit is

not enough. That supposes some computation in the ser.cfg file, is that



Luba Vincent
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