[Users] problems with tcp_init...

Loide Mara mara.verdes at gmail.com
Thu Aug 11 23:58:24 CEST 2005

When I start openser executing (openserctl start) it says me
Starting SER : PID file /var/run/openser.pid does not exist -- SER start failed
So, I  try to watch debug messages and i see the rows 

 DEBUG: setting SO_RCVBUF; set=262144,verify=262142
 0(0) DEBUG: setting SO_RCVBUF has no effect
 0(0) INFO: udp_init: SO_RCVBUF is finally 262142
 0(0) ERROR: tcp_init: bind(6, 0x810580c, 16) on Address
already in use

What can be the problem? =/
Has everyone some problems like that (and solutions =).

Have a good day.

Loide Mara Verdes de Jesus
6º período - Ciência da Computação / UFAM
Laboratório VoIP - UFAM

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