[Users] mediaproxy problem

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu bogdan at voice-system.ro
Wed Aug 10 16:55:59 CEST 2005


the start point is to make a network trace of your call and look if the 
SDP in properly modified - the INVITE to the
Foreign OpenSER must have in SDP in m= your IP and the same the reply 
from your OpenSER to the client B...

this way you will see if the mediaproxy was correctly triggered.


Daniel-Constantin Mierla wrote:

> On 08/10/05 13:35, jayesh nambiar wrote:
>> hi,
>> I m sorry for my earlier mail as the picture was not very clear. The 
>> scenario is something like this:
>> Client A (Public IP)
>>                             \  ________                       
>> __________________                __________
>>                              \| My        |                       | 
>> Foreign Openser      |              |  PSTN      |
>>                               |Openser |-----------------------|  
>> trusts me through    |--------------| Gateway  |
>>                            /  |_______ |                       |  
>> source IP                |              |_________|
>>                          /                                          
>> |__________________|
>> /                                                        Client B 
>> (Private IP)        
>> Whenever My Openser receives a call with prefix for eg. 011, it 
>> t_relay it to the foreign Ser which trusts My Openser with source IP. 
>> Now when the client A with public IP makes a call it gets established 
>> but when the client B with private IP makes a call I receive the 
>> ringing message but the RTP sessions does not start. I have 
>> configured the mediaproxy in My Openser but still it does'nt seem to 
>> work. Pls help me figure out the problem.
>> The RTP Proxy session is not happening and that might be the reason 
>> for the problem. Can u pls help me understand why RTP proxy is not 
>> getting established for Nated clients.
> For sure there is a mistake in your config file. You can use xlog 
> module to print debug messages in different places of the config 
> script to identify the path how the INVITE messages are processed by 
> your openser. In this way, you could locate the problem easier.
> Daniel

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