[Users] PSTN Interconnect Advice

Iqbal iqbal at gigo.co.uk
Fri Aug 5 16:23:41 CEST 2005


It depends on how your gateway works, use lcr to route out, if they want 
auth then uac else just IP auth.

For inbound, use aliases (I use speeddial table...long story) for DiD 
mapping. I dont follow the sipsak usage to register for inbound, what 
you would need to do, is to allow the gateway IP as trusted into your setup


Adam Sherman wrote:

>I'd like some advice.
>What are people doing for PSTN connectivity when using third-party gateways?
>- For outbound, lcr with the uac module for authentication seems to be the way.
>- For inbound, either getting the providers to route DIDs directly
>using SRV or using sipsak to REGISTER seems to be a possibility.
>For DIDs, just using aliases to push the call to a user?

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