[Users] CANCEL problem

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu bogdan at voice-system.ro
Wed Aug 3 17:32:38 CEST 2005

Hi Michael,

that's exactly the trick I wanted to try to solve this issue (see my 
previous email)...but I will have to dig to see how difficult is to 


Michael Ulitskiy wrote:

>Hi Klaus,
>I guess, you're right. I didn't know that.
>Then openser should keep CANCEL in transaction context until transaction
>expires (probably until wt_timer expires) and transmit it if provisional
>response is received during that time.
>Thanks for clarification.
>On Tuesday 02 August 2005 07:52 pm, you wrote:
>>Hi Michael!
>>RFC3261 page 54:
>>If no provisional response has been received, the CANCEL request MUST
>>    NOT be sent; rather, the client MUST wait for the arrival of a
>>    provisional response before sending the request.
>>Thus, the proxy should withhold the CANCEL until a provisional response 
>>is received. If no provisional response is received for a certain time, 
>>the proxy may discard the whole transaction.
>>Also take a look at section 16.10 and section 16.7 step 10.

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