[Serusers] register alias

Jiri Kuthan jiri at iptel.org
Sun Feb 29 07:05:21 CET 2004

At 06:15 AM 2/29/2004, Jakob Schlyter wrote:
>On 2004-02-29, at 00.20, Jiri Kuthan wrote:
>>You may use numbers as usernames and have nice alphabetical aliases.
>>Registrar does not process aliases -- they only resolve request-uri
>>of incoming requests.
>what needs to be modified so that the users can register using either number or alphanumerical username? I want to be able to use either name or number for registration, and perhaps for authentication too.

I do not understand the use scenario.

>can I rewrite the request-uri of the incoming request using a database lookup?

Yes, thats what aliases do. They for example translate 1234 to jacob.


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