[Serusers] Rewriting "From" / Setting caller number for PSTN calls

Atle Samuelsen clona at camaro.no
Sat Feb 28 01:54:55 CET 2004

* Arnd Vehling <av at nethead.de> [040228 01:13]:
> Hi Atle,
> > This is the oppesit of what Im doing...
> :) Yeah, this came to my mind when i was thinking about it.

He he

> >but would you be needing a thing that rewrote the realname feeld?
> not an requirement at the moment. I need the ability to search and
> fetch a users alias and rewrte the "From: " header. I just hope
> this wont break accouting stuff.

 as Jiri wrote.. and as I'v been told by some of the guys here it's not
 safe to change the From header..

> >if
> >so.. Im thinking of writing one, that can get a name out of the
> >database, and say that "493042423" is Peter Pan
> If youre patch is ready ill sure will have a look at it. But i would
> prefer to look up the aliases from memory because of the better
> performance. Shouldnt be that hard if one looks at how "lookup(alias)"
> is implemented.

As I said, Im thinking of writing a patch for it.. and I will most
likely do that next week.. It would be faster.. but ~6 milion
phonenumbers and names would be rather much to put into memro..

- Atle

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