[Serusers] replication and rtpproxy

Darren Nay dnay at ionosphere.net
Fri Feb 27 18:25:33 CET 2004

Very True.  We use the same UAC for all of our clients and it has an option
in the configuration to force a DNS lookup every time that it sends a packet
to the proxy.  This does add some overhead, especially to the DNS servers,
but it adds this functionality as well.

Also, Its worth mentioning that your method of testing SER via SipSak and
modifying the DNS entries when SER fails to respond is more efficient in
that the failover is based on SER availability.  This DNS load balancing
technique that I posted will only work for fault tolerance if the server
itself dies.  If SER crashes, but bind keeps running then it won't do the

Darren Nay

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Darren Nay wrote:
> Check out this method.
> http://www.presttun.org/kare/DNS/DNS-LB-FT.pdf

Sounds nice but it makes you dependant on the dns resolver 
implementation in every UAC on the market. In addition it may
happen that caching DNS servers will not honor your expire setting
of 10 Seconds and the UAC will therefore continue to contact a
dead proxy.

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