[Serusers] upgrading from 0.8.11 to 0.8.12 db upgrade error.

Jev jev at ecad.org
Fri Feb 27 11:58:18 CET 2004

When I attempt to 'upgrade' my database using the ser_mysql.sh reinstall 
command I get the following error:

robusto# ser_mysql.sh reinstall
MySql password for root:
creating backup database
dumping table content (ser)
dropping table (ser)
creating new structures
creating database ser ...
restoring table content
ERROR 1054 at line 21: Unknown column 'usernamename' in 'field list'
reinstall: restoring table failed

I'm running mysql-4.0.17 on a FreeBSD 5.2.1-RELEASE machine.


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