[Serusers] question about ser and vocal

Matt Hess mhess at livewirenet.com
Fri Feb 27 00:17:45 CET 2004

That and my impression is that the vocal project is all but dead.. the 
last release was about a year ago with almost no real work being done on 
it since then.

Arnd Vehling wrote:

>  iPfone wrote:
>> I need to set up a system to people register free sip adresses.
>> The question is:
>> Why do you use ser and not vocal?
>> What are the diferences and vantages about vocal and ser?
> Ive tested Vocal before trying SER and IMO the design of SER
> is much better than the Vocal design. Vocal is a large and
> monolithic beast whereas SER is slim, modular and extensible.
> In addition it has built-in NAT and SQL-DB support which Vocal
> only had in a beta-state the last time i looked at it.
> But it all depends on what you exactly wanna do and which features
> you need.
> regards,
>   Arnd
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