[Serusers] debian question

Arnd Vehling av at nethead.de
Thu Feb 26 21:33:53 CET 2004


Klaus Darilion wrote:
> The question a little bit off topic, but I'm sure you canhelp me :-)

sure thing :)

> In older postings, most people recommend debian, that's why I want to 
> give it a try. The debian homepage tells me, that security updates will 
> only be available for the stable release, so I wanted to use stable. But 
>  stable does not support mysql 4, which is required for serweb.
> So, what are your common practices to overcome such problems (the trade 
> off between stable/old software and unstable/new software)?
> Do you use Debian testing?

not for production systems. On server systems i install the stable
branch and on my development system i have "testing".

> Do you use just the base packages on stable and compile mysql 4 yourself?

Yes. Pretty easy. If the linux binary package from mysql.com would had 
the .so libs you wouldnt even need to compile it from source. But as the
.so libs are missing you need to compile the source anyway.

> Do you use backports or do you mix stable/testing?

I wouldnt recommend mixing. That may render your system unuseable if
Murphy is with you.

-- Arnd

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