[Serusers] Alias and "cross-references" (looping?).

Johan Larsson johan at ludd.luth.se
Thu Feb 26 12:08:28 CET 2004

Hello. I'm trying to set-up a system with a cisco pstn-gw and
cisco-ip-phones and Messenger as UA:s.

I want every users clients to ring if someone is calling, either if it's
by using sip:NUMBER at domain or sip:USERNAME at domain.


User 1:

External phone-number 12345
Internal phone-number  2345 at domain (cisco-phone registers as this)
Messenger               joe at domain

So, if a call comes in via the pstn-gw i want the Cisco-phone and the
Messenger to be INVITED. I have solved this by adding 12345 at domain as
an alias for joe at domain.

Now, the problem, if i from the inside is calling 2345 from another phone
(say 2346) i want both the phone and the Messenger to be INVITED. And if
i'm inviting joe at domain through another messenger i also want the phone
2345 to be invited.

How is this solved best? I have tried to add perm usrloc entries for
joe at domain to 2345 at domain and for 2345 at domain to joe at domain. This almost
seems to be working, but if i'm calling from the outside and hang-up
before answering, the cisco-phone starts to ring again :/ Like it is
getting invited all over again.

I hope someone understands the problem, this should be rather normal (if
someone is calling i want to be invited on all my devices...).


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