[Serusers] loose routing problem

Klaus Darilion klaus.mailinglists at pernau.at
Wed Feb 25 17:26:47 CET 2004


Once again I'm stucked in the loose routing topic, maybe some can answer 
my question!

I have ser configured to use RR. At the top of my ser.cfg I have:

         # loose-route processing
         log(1, "check loose_route ...");
         if (loose_route()) {
                 log(1, "loose_route processing, finished routing!\n");
         log(1, "no loose_route processing\n");


Client A is xlite, which is a loose router, and Client B is Windows 
Messenger 4.7, which is a strict router. One client calls the other 
client, which accepts the call. Then the client hangs up.

If client A hangs up (xlite, loose router) the loose_route(){...} block 
will not be processed and the BYE is handled by the following routing 
logic. If client B (strict router) hangs up, the loose_route(){...} 
block will be executed.

So, why is the request from xlite (loose router) not treated in the 
loose_route block?

IMHO, I would suggest that both requests (loose and strict) should be 
handled be the loose_route block. Also RFC3261 (16.4) says that "strict 
router" request should be transformed into a loose routing request 
(writing the last Route header field into the req-URI and remove this 
route header field) and than be handled like all other requests.

Maybe I've missed something.


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