[Serusers] SERWEB- Warning: fopen("/tmp/ser_fifo", "w") - Permission denied

Juan juan at korreo.com.ar
Tue Feb 24 11:52:32 CET 2004

Check the apache httpd.conf. I had the same problem and it was because Apache was running as user www, group www and /tmp/ser_fifo was only writable by root and group wheel, therefore I change in Apache group from www to wheel and it started running OK. That was my solution, perhaps not the most secure, but a solution.

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  Subject: [Serusers] SERWEB- Warning: fopen("/tmp/ser_fifo","w") - Permission denied

  I haven't had this problem with serweb before but today my serweb>user_interface site is giving me the following error at the top of the page. Can't figure out what's wrong, everything seems to be intact. ser.cfg has fifo="/tmp/ser_fifo". 

  Checked this month's mailing list archive but seems like no one experienced the same problem. Any pointers will be appreciated.

  *****On user interface site (logged in) ***************
  Warning: fopen("/tmp/ser_fifo", "w") - Permission denied in /var/www/html/functions.php on line 206

  sorry -- cannot open write fifo 


  *********in serweb's functions.php***********

      206         /* open fifo now */
      207         $fifo_handle=fopen( $config->fifo_server, "w" );
      208         if (!$fifo_handle) {
      209                 $errors[]="sorry -- cannot open write fifo"; return;

  *********in serweb's config.php*******************************************

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