[Serusers] voice mail doesn't stop redording and never sendsvoicemail - need help

Raphael Coeffic rco at iptel.org
Mon Feb 23 23:12:27 CET 2004

Hi Juan,

could you send us again your config files (the files in the current mail
Further, it would be interesting to look at Ser's log file. If there are any
routing problems, Ser's timer should hit and send an error back to Sems.
Sems has also a timer, but much too long for that (about 5 minutes...).


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Subject: [Serusers] voice mail doesn't stop redording and never
sendsvoicemail - need help

Hi all,
I have been trying to solve this problem for a couple of hours, but i
could'n. Could somebody help me?
I have configure a voice mail system
(http://iptel.org/~faqomatic/fom-serve/cache/92.html) and I have a problem
when it answer the call; it doesn't stop recording when I hang on the phone
and never sends the mail. this is the sems debug:
(815) DEBUG: onSessionStart (AnswerMachine.cpp:170): starting recording
message...(/tmp/2870083197 at
(815) DEBUG: onSessionStart (AnswerMachine.cpp:173): ... finished recording
(815) DEBUG: sendToFIFO (AmRequest.cpp:199):
sip:100 at;user=phone;transport=udp
sip:200 at;ftag=450631392;lr=on
From: <sip:200 at;user=phone>;tag=0000032F41C67EA6
To: <sip:100 at;user=phone>;tag=450631392
CSeq: 2 BYE
Call-ID: 2870083197 at
Contact: <sip:200 at>
Route: <sip:200 at;ftag=450631392;lr=on>

(815) DEBUG: write_to_fifo (AmRequest.cpp:708): Write to fifo: completed


it never never gets the:

DEBUG: getReturnCode (AmRequest.cpp:421): response from Ser: 200
fifo_t_reply succeeded

and sends the mail. When I call the voice mail with an ATA pointing to port
5090 (SER voice mail) it works ok and sends the mail.
The system is configured with 2 SER, one for routing and the other for voice
Find attached the configuration files.
Thank you in advance

Juan Priotti


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