[Serusers] (no subject)

Graham Turner gturner at ipcomputers.com
Sun Feb 22 15:33:06 CET 2004

have just spent a first few hours of using the "sip express router" so
apologies up front for what is definitely a beginners question. 

the ser software is installed on a freebsd v5.2 host - the ser package was
installed using the sysinstall program. 

to date i have so far not modified the condiguration of the ser server
given comment that the default "ser.cfg" file is sufficient to enable local

i have modified the dns zone to include the SRV RR as follows; 

_sip._udp.mydomain.com ......

this is verified from nslookup 

have reconfigured the "sip communication service connection configuration"
advanced settings of windows messenger 5.0 (on windows 2000) with the ip
address and fully qualified host name of the SER server and to use udp (not

when attempting signon using an arbitrary id of me at mydomain.com WM reports
"signing into sip communications service failed ...." 

the SER host console logs three messages which i summarise as below;

"message too long (40)" 
"udp_send failed" 
t_forward_nonack: sending request failed

I don't know if I have taken the note that the default config will work
without modification a bit too literally, but any advices on this will be
gladly received 


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