[Serusers] SIP iptables question

Dee Lowndes dee at asyouneed.com
Sun Feb 22 13:36:02 CET 2004

Hi Wangji,

	Thanks for the help I have been trying all options with not much
luck I read elsewhere that I should be using the CVS edition for all the
nathelper functions so I am going to give that a try.


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> Hi Dee,
>    1For a sample solution is use nathelper module with rtpproxy. Use
> force_rtp to chang SDP information is INVITE/183/200OK SIP packet to
> transfer to rtpproxy server. It use this solution
>    2 Use STUN server. If you clients support STUN protocol, imploy a
> server on external networks. Those clients on internal first use STUN
> protocol to get NAT information and use external IP address/port to
> communicate.
>    3 If you clients support RTP follow, it works like this:
>      a.  first RTP packet:
>            internal client-------------------NAT-------------------->
> external client
>      b.  external client get NAT address/port by get the RTP packet
> address/port
>      c.   external client change target address/port by the source
> address/port of first RTP packet
>      d.   internal client<-----------------NAT----------------------
> external client
>      e.   two way RTP works
> Br,
> Wangji
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> I have finally worked out the problem to an iptables issue and was
> wondering if anyone had some rules to sort this out.
> If two clients are on an external IP it works, if two clients are on
> internal IP it works but if one client is internal and the other is
> external then the external guy can hear the internal but the internal
> guy hears nowt.
> Any idea/modules/rules to get around this?
> Thanks in advance,
> Dee
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