[Serusers] nathelper module

Nils Ohlmeier nils at iptel.org
Sat Feb 21 22:34:11 CET 2004

On Saturday 21 February 2004 22:10, Arnd Vehling wrote:
> Somebody should point that out at http://iptel.org/ser because most
> people seem to run into that problem. Alternatively a update of
> the .deb .rmp files would help.

An update would probably not bad, but on the other side people seem to read 
only what they like/looking for.
Otherwise i cant explain where these people read about the new features (AFAIK 
they are only documented at the mailing lists yet, except in the source 
code), but still miss how to get them (and as you allready pointed out, many 
people seem to miss that) allthough this had been explained many times on the 


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