[Serusers] SIP and H323 dialout simultaniously on a cisco

Arnd Vehling av at nethead.de
Sat Feb 21 21:22:50 CET 2004


David R. Kompel wrote:
> It's very easy. Do NOTHING. Just turn on SIP and H.323, and have POTS
> dial-peers. 

What do you exactly mean by "turning on sip". I did define a sip-ua
and left the dial-peers alone at first and then tried with additional
dial-peers from another cisco box which was only serving SIP calls.

The cisco is running:
IOS (tm) 5300 Software (C5300-IS-M), Version 12.2(5)

Its still declining our calls with:
(ips and numbers obfuscated)
Status line: SIP/2.0 500 Internal Server Error
     Message Header
         Via: SIP/2.0/UDP 
         From: Arnd's Fone <sip:4223 at somewhere.net>;tag=3d65dfe327e89df8
         To: <sip:1234567 at somewhere.net>;tag=C9EC008-167B
         Date: Sat, 21 Feb 2004 20:23:28 UTC
         Call-ID: de8af4d7-d8db3566 at
         Server: Cisco VoIP Gateway/ IOS 12.x/ SIP enabled
         CSeq: 101 INVITE
         Content-Length: 0

Is it possible that there must be no h323 config on the ethernet like:
(again obfuscated)

interface ethernet 0/0
  h323-gateway voip interface
  h323-gateway voip id SOMEGK ipaddr a.b.c.d 1718
  h323-gateway voip h323-id DASECRET

I cant remove this definitions because this cisco is in production
and its not ours.

thanx & best regards,


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