[Serusers] voicemail - /usr/local/lib/sems/plug-in//apps/voicemail.so Undefined symbol

juan korreo juan at korreo.com.ar
Sat Feb 21 13:09:47 CET 2004

I'm trying to run sems and get the following error:

su-2.05b# ans_machine -E

       configuration file:  /etc/sems/sems.conf
       Ser's FIFO:          /tmp/ser_fifo
       our FIFO:            /tmp/am_fifo
       smtp server ip:      localhost
       smtp server port:    25
       announce path:       /usr/local/lib/sems/audio/
       default announce:    default_en.wav
       plug-in path:        /usr/local/lib/sems/plug-in/
       maximum record time: 30
       daemon mode:         0

(14022) INFO: run (AmServer.cpp:144): Loading application plug-ins
(14022) DEBUG: load (AmPlugIn.cpp:83): loading
/usr/local/lib/sems/plug-in//apps/echo.so ...
(14022) ERROR: loadPlugIn (AmPlugIn.cpp:97): AmPlugIn::loadPlugIn:
/usr/local/lib/sems/plug-in//apps/echo.so: Undefined symbol
(14022) ERROR: load (AmPlugIn.cpp:85): while loading plug-in
(14021) DEBUG: sig_usr (ans_machine.cpp:56): signal 20 received

it also gives the same error for announcement.so and voicemail.so
It's sems-0.1.0 running on FreeBSD 4.9. I could only find
http://lists.iptel.org/pipermail/sems/2003-November/000002.html which is not
very helpfull. Does anybody knows how to make it works?
Thank you in advance

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