[Serusers] Proxy requests between domains

Alan Litster alitster at telcoelectronics.co.uk
Fri Feb 20 18:19:31 CET 2004

Hi all,

I've got a question regarding proxying requests between domains, I hope
someone can help me...

Take for example two domains, reseller.com & gateway.com. A SUA hangs off of
reseller.com and places a call to the PSTN. For it to go out via the PSTN
reseller.com forwards it onto gateway.com.

Is there some kind of check you can do in ser.cfg that would allow you to
determin if the request came from the reseller.com proxy or directly from
the SUA?
I'd like to stop SUA's from directly placing calls out via gateway.com and
forcing them to go via there own sip servers.

Then using this method along with RADIUS authentication I think it should be
possible to secure our gateways?

One of my colleagues suggested writing a module that would compare the given
uri against a username/IP/domain in a database....?

Many Thanks,


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