[Serusers] INFO/DTMF retransmissions in * not absorbed?

Jiri Kuthan jiri at iptel.org
Fri Feb 20 08:24:50 CET 2004

I'm wondering whether people know if there could be a problem
with * receiving retransmissions of INFO/DTMF requests.

I'm trying to play DTMF via INFO to *. If it takes a 200 reply too 
long to come back, the request is retransmitted. Whenever this
happens, the IVR down in PSTN reports that the number sequence
is incorrect.

This makes me guess that * turns INFO retransmissions into new
DTMF digits on the PSTN part.

Does anybody have the same experience? Is it a known problem? 
Are there any patches?



Jiri Kuthan            http://iptel.org/~jiri/ 

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