[Serusers] Finding the right hardware to work with SIP

Helder Rogerio [MICROREDE] hrogerio at microrede.com
Wed Feb 18 18:40:22 CET 2004

Could someone tell me if Cisco ATA 186 should work ok with SER? Or someone
tried it even if direct device-to-device voice vpn?

The data about this gateway i've quoted it below.

Any suggestion about equipments like routers, gateway to regular phones
(analogue), PBX gateways to VoIP would be appreciated because we have
bought two Draytek Vigor VoIP enabled routers with VPN support and now the
fabricant tolds that the problem that we have is because of some firmware
problems to be resolved in March by the time of Cebit event. :-(

Thanks in advance

Voice-over-IP (VoIP) protocols

H.323 v2

H.323 v4

SIP (RFC 2543 bis)

MGCP 1.0 (RFC 2705)

MGCP 1.0/network-based call signaling (NCS) 1.0 Profile

MGCP 0.1


Voice codecs1

G.729, G.729A, G.729AB2




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