[Serusers] eliminating 483 errors

Ticknor.Scott at ic.gc.ca Ticknor.Scott at ic.gc.ca
Wed Feb 18 15:17:08 CET 2004

hello List,
i am sadly aware that the 483 problem is covered in the Admin guide & faq.
the solution as i read it is to replace if (uri==myself) with some regexp
for the sip proxy. but this is apparently not a proper implementation, from
what i have read on the list. furthermore, the if (uri==myself) expression
is further down in the logic, below the check for maxfwd that results in the
483. if have set SIP_DOMAIN and added aliases to ser.cfg. i am sure i am
missing something small and simple...
my clients are cisco 7960 with sip fw v6.1.

thanks for reading,

scott t

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