[Serusers] RTP Proxy Help - One way Audio

Darren Nay dnay at libertyisp.com
Tue Feb 17 20:36:46 CET 2004

Hey Guys,

I am having issues with One way Audio for outgoing phone calls from my SIP phones.  It works fine for Incoming, but outgoing audio is not working.  Also, Outgoing works fine if I put my SIP phone on an Internet IP address, but if it's NAT'd then I get the 1 way audio on outgoing calls.

I am using the default nathelper module config, but I have hacked it a bit and maybe my changes are causing the problem?  I had to use t_relay_to_tcp for our PSTN gateway and so I had to change the routing around a little.

Prior to today I was using SerMediaProxy (AG Projects), but I switched to PortaOnes rtpproxy just to make sure that there wasn't a version incompatibility problem.

I have also attached my current ser.cfg file.

Anyone have any suggestions?  Or should I change the routing in my ser.cfg file?  or would that make a difference?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

Darren Nay - dnay at libertyisp.com
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