[Serusers] pa module in ser-0.8.12

Yoshiho Yoshida yyoshida at nona.dti.ne.jp
Tue Feb 17 10:08:22 CET 2004


I am working on SER and Jabber with MSN transport.

There are some problems still unresolved, one is a URI parsing problem
which I posted before as


I can not establish a communication wth MSN, but I wonder This problem
also happens with jabber user. So if there is a delimiter which is defined
as aliases (msn, jabber) in local part, the above problem happens.
But I could chat between Windows Messenger with other Jabber user. It
seems ser corrects the address.
I think the next problem is Windows Messenger side, but I would like
to know if anyone encounters this problem.

  1. Windows messenger -> Message -> Jabber Messenger (other user) OK
  2. Jabber Messenger -> Message -> Windows Messenger OK
  3. Windows Messenger -> Message -> Jabber Messenger X

  There is no output packet from Windows Messenger at 3.

Other problem is, I can not see the correct (online) status for Jabber
users through jabber and pa modules. and I found a comment in the
following mail.


It seems current pa module puts the status in the body as XML text.

U ->
  NOTIFY sip: SIP/2.0..Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=
  z9hG4bK32db.4e44d2c.0..To: "norika"
<sip:norika at ser.software.com>;tag=76fb6
<sip:fumina*jabber.software.com at jabb
  er.software.com>;tag=158f166cb27489bb7c6c624552186861-46b6..CSeq: 1
fe489e41-8303-4dd0-8876-6ecf3b1b6cd7 at
   350..User-Agent: Sip EXpress router(0.8.12 (i386/linux))..Event:
  .Content-Type: application/xpidf+xml..Subscription-State:
  00....<?xml version="1.0"?>..<!DOCTYPE presence PUBLIC "//IETF//DTD
   XPIDF 1.0//EN" "xpidf.dtd">..<presence>..<presentity
  r.software.com at jabber.software.com;method=SUBSCRIBE"/>..<atom
uri="sip:fumina*jabber.software.com at jabber.software.com">..<stat
  us status="closed"/>..</address>..</atom>..</presence>..

So Jabber side, they can read the presence status from ser with jabber
and pa modules. Is this correct in ser-0.8.12?

I downloaded unstable version of sip_router and try to run it, but it seems
new pa requires own db tables.
Does new pa module fix the above presence problem?
and is there any enhancement?

Yoshiho Yoshida

Open Technologies Corporation
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