[Serusers] append_rpid_hf

SCHWEIZER Laurent laurent.schweizer at eivd.ch
Mon Feb 16 15:19:29 CET 2004


	my Subscriber table does not have any rpid column, and I have tryed to reinstal the latest ser (0.8.12)
	Table subscriber in database ser

Field name	 Type	 Allow nulls?	 Key	 Default value	 Extras	
phplib_id	 varchar(32)	 No	 None	  	  	
username	 varchar(64)	 No	 Primary	  	  	
domain	 varchar(128)	 No	 Primary	  	  	
password	 varchar(25)	 No	 None	  	  	
first_name	 varchar(25)	 No	 None	  	  	
last_name	 varchar(45)	 No	 None	  	  	
phone	 varchar(15)	 No	 None	  	  	
email_address	 varchar(50)	 No	 None	  	  	
datetime_created	 datetime	 No	 None	 0000-00-00 00:00:00 	  	
datetime_modified	 datetime	 No	 None	 0000-00-00 00:00:00 	  	
confirmation	 varchar(64)	 No	 None	  	  	
flag	 char(1)	 No	 None	 o 	  	
sendnotification	 varchar(50)	 No	 None	  	  	
greeting	 varchar(50)	 No	 None	  	  	
ha1	 varchar(128)	 No	 None	  	  	
ha1b	 varchar(128)	 No	 None	  	  	
perms	 varchar(32)	 Yes	 None	  	  	
allow_find	 char(1)	 No	 None	 0 	  	
timezone	 varchar(128)	 Yes	 None	

		-------- Message d'origine-------- 
		De: Jan Janak [mailto:jan at iptel.org] 
		Date: lun. 16.02.2004 12:57 
		À: SCHWEIZER Laurent 
		Cc: serusers at iptel.org 
		Objet: Re: [Serusers] append_rpid_hf

		Subscriber table contains rpid column which must contain a number. The
		number is then used by append_rpid_hf function. The function does
		nothing if the column is empty.
		On 16-02 12:59, laurent Schweizer wrote:
		> Hello,
		> I try to add a Remote-Party-ID to call detinated to PSTN with
		> append_rpid_hf() but the id is not added to the Invite request.
		> I see in the documentation of the auth module that the function does nothing
		> if no saved SIP URI exists. Can you say me how the SIP URI is saved.
		> if (!(method==ACK | method=="CANCEL" | method=="BYE")) {
		>       if (!proxy_authorize("eivd.ch", "subscriber")) {
		>         proxy_challenge( "eivd.ch","0");
		>         break;
		>       }
		>         append_rpid_hf();
		>       if (method=="INVITE" & !check_from()) {
		>         log(1, "LOG: Spoofed from attempt\n");
		>         sl_send_reply("403", "Use From=id next time");
		>         break;
		>       };
		>     };
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