[Serusers] append_rpid_hf

laurent Schweizer laurent.schweizer at eivd.ch
Mon Feb 16 12:59:33 CET 2004


I try to add a Remote-Party-ID to call detinated to PSTN with
append_rpid_hf() but the id is not added to the Invite request.

I see in the documentation of the auth module that the function does nothing
if no saved SIP URI exists. Can you say me how the SIP URI is saved.

if (!(method==ACK | method=="CANCEL" | method=="BYE")) {

      if (!proxy_authorize("eivd.ch", "subscriber")) {
        proxy_challenge( "eivd.ch","0");

      if (method=="INVITE" & !check_from()) {
        log(1, "LOG: Spoofed from attempt\n");
        sl_send_reply("403", "Use From=id next time");

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