[Serusers] Re: 401 Not authorized from all hosts bar localhost [newbie]

Alex Bligh alex at alex.org.uk
Sat Feb 14 01:27:55 CET 2004

> I think I have taken a pretty standard install of ser 0.8.12, added
> mysql support (as per INSTALL) and attempted to add a user.
> I only seem to be able to authenticate from localhost. I have installed
> sipsak 0.8.7 on the local machine and on another on the same LAN (no
> NAT nasties yet), and it seems to show the problem.
> Any ideas? Apologies if I've broken stuff in anonymizing the server names.

Just to make this more bizarre, on the second server:

this fails:
$ sipsak -vv -n -U -s sip:alex2 at server.xx.com -a mypassword

but this works:
$ sipsak -vv -n -U -s sip:alex2 at -a mypassword

& yes, server.xx.com does look up as

I am hoping I don't need a PTR record?


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