[Serusers] www_authorize vs proxy_authorize

Olle E. Johansson oej at edvina.net
Thu Feb 12 19:29:03 CET 2004

Jan Janak wrote:

> On 12-02 17:01, Alessio Focardi wrote:

>>what is the difference between www_authorize and proxy_authorize ?
>   www_authorize is usually used when the entity generating it is the
>   final destination of the request. Registrar uses www_authorize, for
>   example. When ser reiceives a REGISTER, it will not forward it
>   anywhere but it will process it internally using save("location"). In
>   this situation www_authorize should be used.
>   When ser receives an INVITE, it will (optionally) look up the Request
>   URI in the location database and then forward it. In this case
>   proxy_authorize should be used because ser will forward the request.
>   The only difference between the two commands is the name of header
>   fields used for digest challenge and response.
So for a SUBSCRIBE, I guess that www_authorize is used?


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