[Serusers] Newbie help

B. J. Bomar bbomar at raccoon.com
Thu Feb 12 17:23:54 CET 2004

Hello all.  I am trying to set up ser to act as a simple sip relay.  I have
found a couple of config files that I have tried, but none seem to load
without errors.  I narrowed it down to where they call t_relay_to, so I
created the following test config.
loadmodule "/usr/lib/ser/modules/tm.so"
route {
        t_relay_to("", "5060");

It too fails to run, and this is the message I am seeing in syslog.
Feb 12 10:22:48 ratbert ser: parse error (3,44-45): unknown command, missing
I am totally stumped on this issue.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
B. J.
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