[Serusers] Non-answered transmission by CPL

Bogdan-Andrei IANCU iancu at fokus.fraunhofer.de
Thu Feb 12 11:22:16 CET 2004

Hi Koichi,

I see now reason for this script not to work. First of all the timeout
value from the script is ignored; SER has a unique fix timeout for all
transactions (for the moment it can not be modified). Maybe I have the
impression that nothing happens because default timeout value is 120
seconds (quite big).
Try to do the followings:
modparam("tm","noisy_ctimer",1) # this will force timeout
modparam("tm","fr_inv_timer",30) # sets the timeout for INVITE to 40 sec
(default is 120)

If you still have problems, run ser in full debug mode (set in config
script debug=9) and send my the output to have a look.


Koichi Taniguchi wrote:

>I have succeeded in operation of CPL function.
>However, there is a script which does not operate in the following cases.
><Non-answered transmission by CPL>
>incoming-> location url -> proxy timeout="10"-> noanswer-> proxy -- 
>You need to point out the problem of my script
><?xml version="1.0"?>
><!DOCTYPE cpl PUBLIC "-//IETF//DTD RFCxxxx CPL 1.0//EN" "cpl-06.dtd">
>  <incoming>
>        <location url="sip:1000 at">
>          <proxy timeout="10">
>            <noanswer>
>              <location url="sip:2000 at">
>                 <location url="sip:3000 at">
>		<proxy ordering="parallel" />
>        	     </location>
>        	  </location>
>            </noanswer>
>          </proxy>
>        </location>
>  </incoming>
>Taniguchi / PanasonicCC
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