[Serusers] SER forwinding to h323 gatekeeper

Atle Samuelsen clona at camaro.no
Wed Feb 11 19:40:42 CET 2004

Ok. Does the software from meranetworks work good? 

- Atle

* Arnd Vehling <av at nethead.de> [040211 19:11]:
> Hi,
> Vovidas siph323csgw _doesnt_ work as gateway between a SIP-Proxy and a
> H323 Gatekeeper. We are currenntly using a demo version of a russian
> (meranetworks) for terminating SIP into a H323 based system.
> We dont know about any Open-Source Solution for SIP<>H323 at the moment
> but we havent really tried asteriks yet. Several people said asterisk
> should be able to do it but no one could supply an example config
> yet.
> -- Arnd

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