[Serusers] Cisco ATA adapter firmware upgrade

Maxim Sobolev sobomax at portaone.com
Wed Feb 11 18:41:45 CET 2004

You need a Cisco TAC account in order to download fiwmware. As long as I 
know you can get one along with support contract from Cisco (either 
buindled with hardware, such as router or by bying separate one). 
Alternatively you can contact you hardware supplier - they should 
provide you with firmware.

P.S. I'd not recommend 3.0.0 - there are serious bugs.
P.P.S. 1-year Cisco support contact for ATA186 costs only some $30, so 
that you can consider buying one. As long as I know this is cheapest 
legal way to get a TAC account, after all this account will be valid 
even after support contract has expired.

Ashok Patel wrote:

> Hi, all iptel.org users/members. I have question about
> my cisco ATA 186 adapter. I want to upgrade my cisco
> ata 186 adapter firmware from version 2.16.2 ata18x
> (build 030829a) to version 3.0. atasip (build
> 031210a). I am an end user and not reseller of this
> adapter. I have no luck from cisco web site to
> download the upgrade firmware. Does anybody know any
> site (other than or besides cisco) from where I can
> download the firmware upgrade image file or can anbody
> send me the firmware upgrade image file (to my e-mail)
> in order to upgrade my ATA adapter? 
> -Thanks in advance,
> Ashok Patel
> ashokpatel at yahoo.com
> ashokpatel at email.com
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