[Serusers] Serving multiple domains

Alan Litster alitster at telcoelectronics.co.uk
Wed Feb 11 17:37:42 CET 2004

> > We have a few local domains that we will be using SER act as a
> proxy and to
> > protect our gateway. In the near future we will also be providing PSTN
> > breakout for other SIP domains that are not on our proxy.
> >
> > What is the best way to allow traffic from certain know SIP domains out
> > through our gateways?
> > I've thought about having users authenticate to our proxy, but
> this could
> > get very complex and messy serving multiple local & remote
> domains. Other
> > option is just to allow traffic through from the trusted
> domains I guess.
> You can use radius authentication. This way, you can authenticate
> your local
> users/domains and proxy the auth radius requests to a remote radius
> owned/managed by your customer for external users.

We've really got three classes of domains.
 1) local
 2) partner domains that we have some input into the control over
 3) other domains that we have a short dial code set up on; FWD.

I don't think that would then work in all cases, unless people like FWD have
radius that they'll let other people authenticate to?

But it is a possibility for the other cases.

> > One last question, is any one familiar with the Cisco AS5300?
> > How do you go about locking it down so that only authorised
> users can pass
> > calls out onto the PSTN?
> Set an access-list in your gateway that only accepts traffic to
> port 5060 from
> your ser proxy.

It's as simple as that? So the SIP user agent doesn't have to communicate
via port 5060 with the gateway???

> > We have a number of Vega 100's that have the option of only allow proxy
> > invited calls. Is there something similar on the AS5300 or
> would that have
> > to do authentication aswell, AAA ?
> Cisco AS5xxx can only do Microsoft Passport Authentication  for SIP :(

So it's unable to radius authentication for SIP?

Thanks for your help.



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