[Serusers] Has anyone tried SIP over GPRS yet?

Klaus Darilion klaus.mailinglists at pernau.at
Wed Feb 11 11:21:49 CET 2004

The main problem of GPRS is the delay. I did some tests and the RTT 
between a host in the Internet and my cellphone was between 750 and 1000 
ms. The bandwidth was about 56kbit - this will depend an the amount of 
slots provided by your GSM provider for GPRS.

I also tried to talk over a GPRS connection but the quality was very bad.


Arnd Vehling wrote:
> Hi,
> has anyone tried SIP over GPRS yet and can say something
> about which voice-quality is or is not possible?
> I would love to test this but thought i ask before investing
> into the neccessary Hardware.
> best regards,
>   Arnd
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