[Serusers] udp vs. tcp traffic

Tue Feb 10 15:26:19 CET 2004

Maybe you have tried this. Are you sure any other application is 
listening on udp 5060?  (try with netstat -a on cmd).
UA shouldn't use 5061 (restricted) and use 5062 or ahead if 5060 is 


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De: Annie Sasidar <asasidar at mail.unomaha.edu>
Fecha: Lunes, Febrero 9, 2004 1:54 am
Asunto: Re: [Serusers] udp vs. tcp traffic

> Hi,
>  Yes the application is using TLS when the default transport is 
> set to
> UDP. The client is a Windowsce.net application. Experts, please 
> help me
> understand why i can register on ser using TCP but when i use the 
> defaulttransport type (UDP), the application tries to send on port 
> 5061. Is this
> something ser can fix or is the problem specific to the 
> application. The
> client application is based on RFC2543 but i am able to register 
> using TCP
> on ser. Please help.
> Thanks in advance.
> Annie
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