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Klaus Darilion klaus.mailinglists at pernau.at
Tue Feb 10 08:34:34 CET 2004

Details: ser caches user lcoations, that means, if it lookup() a user, 
ser does not query the database as the user lcoations are stored in RAM.
New REGISTER are stored by save(). The writeback into the database can 
be done immediately (safe, but slower) or delayed (not so safe, but 
faster). more info on this can be found in the README of the userloc module.

So, now you know the basics to build up your system, e.g:
- 2 proxies + data bases

--------------+    replicated REGISTER     +------------+
| active proxy| -------------------------> |backup proxy|
--------------+                            +------------+
        |                                          |
        |                                          |
        |                                          |
        |data                                      |data
        |base                                      |base
        |write                                     |write
        |through                                   |through
        |                                          |
        V                                          V
----------------+                          +---------------+
|active database|                          |backup database|
----------------+                          +---------------+

if the active proxy or database fails, you have to switch over to the 
bakup combination (manually or autmatically).

You could also use only one database, but than only the active proxy is 
allowed to save() to the database.

You could also make the database failover transparent to the SIP proxy: 
2 databases with replication enabled, and if the main one fails, the 
backup db takes the IP address of the failed one.

So, these are some theoretical solutions. I hope the guys which uses ser 
in production environments have some comments on this.


PS: always CC to the list

simple wrote:
> Thanks for your so quick reply, I still have a question, can you give a detail of the synchronization of several proxies? thanks!
> Simple Li
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>>Hi can use the several proxies and every proxy uses its own database for
>>uerlocation. The keep the userlocation consistent, you can use the
>>register() function to synchronize the several proxies.
>>simple wrote:
>>>Dear sir,
>>>    I have an idea to use SER as SIP proxy in many different places, 
>>>different clients register in defferent SER, there may be a centralized 
>>>user information of all these clients, may be not, and all these clients 
>>>can make a call to each other. So, my question is if there has 
>>>an example used like this, otherwise, how can we make some changes to 
>>>make this happen.
>>>Simple Li
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